Peak of perfection

COLMO is a manufacturer of beautifully designed, smart, connected home appliances. The word Colmo is derived from the Italian for ‘summit’ or ‘crown’. Working in collaboration with Prophet in China we rebuilt the logo in 3D, carefully crafting an abstract crown symbol and matching wordmark to visually embody the brand idea.

We conducted material studies resulting in a range of finishes that are closely matched to Colmos own range of products. Colour is used sparingly, lighting is subtle and camera angles are dynamic. The result is a modern, sophisticated logo reveal movie that speaks to the discerning modern-day Chinese consumer together with a series of hero shots that feel premium and relevant.

COLMO was unveiled in October 2018 and launched at AWE 2019 (Appliance and Electronics World Expo) in Shanghai, showcasing a full new range of 13 Kitchen appliances.